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ImMortal - Seduce, Stun, Survive 2006

This was the third year we toured Immortal. Promoters expect to see a show one year and book it for the following year and because so many people had seen ImMortal2 at Fira Tarrega we had to recreate another version of Immortal. Tom, Ali and Firenza were all keen to make a new show but we knew we would have to keep the Icomin ImMortal moments such as City of Angels and teh white Bride to persuade the bookers they had the same show. We also knew that if any changes we made were for the better we'd get away with creating a completely new show with a few routine from previous versions left in.

This year to try and ease the enormous pressure on Tom and Ali who were managing everything we decided to hire in some "Professionals" who knew what they were doing! This was a massive mistake we fired the producer before the end of rehearsals and the production manager not too long afterwards. We came to the conclusion that you have to be part of the circus family to be able to live the circus life and whilst these professional might know lots about the theatre world they were lost and lazy in a circus context. So in the end if fell back on Tom and Ali to manage the rehearsals and tour and all the other company activity.

The adaption this year was based on living on the rooftops a dark secret world where another level of life exists. The show rehearsed and premiered in Barry Dock again this year and toured in Germany, and four venues in Ireland before selling out at Edinburgh Festival and then heading to Aarhus in Denmark. Apart from the Welsh premiere the company didn't play again in England or Wales and it was the start of proper International touring.

For information about the creative process please read the directors notes in the programme which can be downloaded from this page



Annette Loose (21 mins)
Adie Delaney (16 mins)
Adie Delaney

A conversation on skype all the way from Tazzy (mania)

Barnz Munn Part 1 (16 mins)
Barnz Munn
Barnz Munn

Describes the long journey from Space Boy days, his first x with Shaena, and all the shows leading to Pirates of the Carabina

Fatina Cummings (19 mins)
Fatina Cummings – Hunt

An insight into keeping the troops fed and watered on tour


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