Shaena Brandel

Shaena Brandel
  • Performer
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Originally from Ireland, Shaena trained with Circomedia as a Circus artist and chose to specialise in Aerial. Shaena is one of the developers of a new discipline in counterweighted hoop with Circus choreographer Samuel Jornot (AcaPa) and her work has been massively influential within the Circus community. Shaena toured with Giffords Circus as a Aerialist Horse Vaulter, Fire Performer, for their first two seasons in 2000 & 2001.

She has also toured internationally for 5 years featuring in NoFit State’s award winning shows Immortal and Tabu. Shaena’s picture has featured on the side of a bus in Edinburgh and the front of the Roundhouse, London. Shaena believes in making work she is passionate about and was the producer for the original FLOWN commission.