Lyn Routledge

Lyn Routledge
  • Performer
  • Teacher
With company
2002 - 2011


Lyn trained in Bristol. Her career highlights include: playing the Spirit of the Vixen in "The Cunning Little Vixen" at the Royal Opera House, being commissioned by Harrods to create an aerial installation and Eilish in ImMortal 2006. She was first involved in nofitstate in 2002 for the participatory ImMortal and performed with the silver tent with ImMortal for four years before moving on to Parklife. She also taught classes at the Annexe and John st between 2005 and 2010. Lyn was affectionately called Boggers by the touring company when she called herself Bog Standard Lyn as opposed to Legendary Lynn who was working on the same show. Lyn and Gareth Bailey performed the legendary doubles rope routine and played a huge part in teaching and mentoring the trainee performers. Lyn has also worked with Stumble Dance Circus and as a freelance aerialist for many years. Recently she was nominated alongside Ali Williams and Vicky Amedume as the most influential woman in UK circus proving there is nothing bog standard about her.