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Tabú - standing on the edge of the wilderness


NoFitState are set to return home to Wales after taking Europe by storm with their new show tabú. Cardiff based NoFit State is the leading UK contemporary circus company and their last production Immortal achieved cult status on the European circus circuit and won prestigious awards at several international festivals.

Fear is the most widespread, undetected, un-acknowledged of taboos. It is only when a person with no fear appears in our life that we can go back to living

Combining cutting edge circus, performance, live music, and video the audience enter the tent and become immersed in a promenade circus event taking place above around and amongst the audience in an explosion of furious fun and choreographed mayhem.

Leave your circus preconceptions behind and join us for a turbo charged, ninety-minute, life changing roller coaster ride.

‘Cirque Du Soleil without the Disney and the disinfectant… this is the future of British Circus.’
- The Guardian

‘a vividly entertaining and tumultuous new promenade production’
-The Times


The Bus Song - by Peter Reynolds


Lyndall Merry (14 mins)
Lyndall Merry
Lyndall Merry

Naughtiness at Eden and other naughty tales

Barnz Munn Part 1 (16 mins)
Barnz Munn
Barnz Munn

Describes the long journey from Space Boy days, his first x with Shaena, and all the shows leading to Pirates of the Carabina


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