Chapter 8

Bianco, Open House, Noodles and Block

Tom and Ali describe the most recent work of the company, up to the present, and into the future.
2013 - 2016

Block in development


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Image of rehearsals by Mark Robson


British Council listing

Company business

British Council listing - Theatre and Dance section

Mentions: Barricade, Bianco, Parklife/Parklife Pod, with fairly detailed descriptions of the shows.

"NoFit's latest spectacle, directed by Firenza Guidi, is like dropping in on a wild party thrown by strangers, and emerging two hours later having begun to establish a peculiar but intoxicating kinship with your hosts. Portentously subtitled 'standing on the edge of the wilderness', this orchestrated chaos is peopled by exhibitionists infused with a kind of mad bacchanalian courage."

Donald Hutera, The Times - reviewing Tabu in the 2008 incarnation.


Bianco - turning savage


After Bianco ‘time for beauty’ in Eden it was time to ‘turn savage’ The show was reworked with a slightly harder, darker edge. This had to be the craziest tour ever, rehearsed in the WMC Premiered at the Roundhouse in April back to the WMC, Transferring to the Big Top for Brighton, touring the UK and Europe and finishing off at the Perth festival in Australia the following February.
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Bianco in The Roundhouse

17 April 2013

Live Broadcast from Roundhouse


From The Roundhouse website

BIANCO, the latest show from the UK’s best-loved contemporary circus will be broadcast live from the Roundhouse Main Space on Wednesday 17 April at 7.30pm.
BIANCO is an immersive promenade experience that takes place above, behind and all around a standing audience. With a constantly evolving narrative set to a pounding soundtrack performed by a live band, this is the kind of all-consuming theatrical experience that can only happen at the Roundhouse.

"All performances will be broadcast live by the trainee crew of the Bloomberg Broadcast Volunteer Programme.
Please note dialogue in the performance is performed in English, French and Portuguese"




Noodles was a departure from our normal work. Made as small scale show for theatre touring and family audiences. Silly, stupid and surreal, we had a lot of fun with the stringy food staple.

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11 Dec 2013

Four Elms opens



Wales Arts Review 12 Dec 2013.

14 - 23 Feb 2014

Taking the Air


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A commission by Showzam circus festival in Blackpool to animate the festival central space with large scale aerial routines 4 x day with a cast of 12 and band

The Olympia Winter Gardens.

[From the main website]

Taking the Air is an explosion of circus when you least expect it. A cacophony of colour. A spectacle of sound.

Wide-eyed circus performers will pull you into their world for a brief, enchanting moment. You might be in a queue, buying coffee, or walking the dog; you'll soon be immersed in a fantastical circus spectacular. Brightly dressed characters will make you forget where you came from and draw you into their dreams. NoFit State comes to Take the Air, and take Blackpool by storm.

Taking the Air was commissioned for Showzam Festival and was performed in February 2014.

3 -4 April 2014

Ali at ArtWorks Cymru Conference


Ali Williams from NoFit State Circus talks about their recent project, Park Life, as part of the ArtWorks Cymru Conference 2014.

(Yes, that's Brian Eno watching Parklife rehearsals)

22 May 2014

Four Elms Project - five months on


Open House 2014

Community shows

Bianco 2014


Bianco 2014 reworked and redeveloped as Bianco ‘here be dragons’ we rehearsed in Cardiff in the Big Top outside John St. Before another major international tour finishing at the prestigious Bilal du cirqu in Marseilles in Feb. 2015. All new music this year with David Murray stepping in to MD
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28 January 2015

Drum roll please:

Other News

Drum roll please: Take to the air with 17 NoFit State Circus snaps from the past.

Liz launched an appeal through the local press - for people with memories of NoFit State shows, over the years.

30 Jan 2015

Appearing in the Arts Power List for 2015


Three decades ago Rack and Williams were among the five young friends who started out performing together. Today they are co-Creative Directors of NoFit State Circus, which is one of the most successful circus companies in the world. They currently have productions being staged as part of the London International Mime Festival: MimeLondon and the International Circus Festival in Marseille.

Wales Online


Open House 2015


Bianco 2015


Significant cast changes gave us an opportunity to reinvigorate the show. Rehearsing and premiering in Cardiff for the second year running, before a month in Antwerp, a month in Prague and a 2 month tour of France.
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Past, Present and Future

The last five years

Dec 2015

Big thanks to John Ellingsworth

Major Collaborations

We owe a lot to John Ellingsworth, who designed and built this website, for us - and listened patiently to our feedback.

Please visit his own website - Sideshow Circus Magazine.

15 January 2016

Toby's last words


We have finished the official year of archiving, but this kind of project can never feel entirely 'complete'.

We have now handed over all the paperwork to The Glamorgan Archives - so if you are missing a photo, or a newspaper cutting here, they may well have it! The website only represents a selection of what we found.

Likewise, we have given all the oral histories to the Cardiff Story Museum.

Although the paid work (from the Heritage Lottery Fund) has finished, no doubt I (and others) will continue to tweak the site, and add updates (for instance, we now know that Ali Williams has resigned as a Creative Director, and will pursue her own projects from now on.) Volunteered work, over and above paid hours, typified the circus from day one.

January 2016

Company documents deposited in The Glamorgan Archives

Company business

At the end of the year-long Archive Project Toby Philpott delivers the Company's paper documents to Glamorgan Archives

January 2016

Archive Project audios gifted to Cardiff Story Museum

Company business

Liz Lavender and Polly Baggott hand over recordings, consent forms and summaries of some 136 audio stories to Samantha Heale

February 2016

Ali interviewed for Sideshow circus magazine


Ali Williams, one of the founder members who stayed and developed the company over a period of 30 years - in interview with John Ellingsworth on his web-based magazine - Sideshow Circus Magazine.

video interviews, and some written history


NoFit State receives £24,000 grant to take BIANCO to New York

Funding Read more