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Treasure Island

Treasure Island was loosely based on the classic book by Robert Louis Stephenson. Everybody loves pirates and this was a really fun show to make, perform and tour. Swash buckling pirates, adventures on the high seas and plenty of treasure - whats not to get excited about.

This show was created on a tiny budget. It was our first encounter with Sean Donohoe who would become the company's designer for the next 15 years. He managed to make a entire set on a budget of £500. It was rehearsed at the farm at Junction 35 of the M4 and during the rehearsals a race horse was born there and named nofitstate. We could only just pay the wages for the performers through rehearsals but once it was on the road it was very popular and paid its creation costs. It toured across the UK to many town festivals including Bath Fringe, Cardiff and Swindon Summer Fests, North Shields Fish Quays Festival and Glastonbury. It also went To London and Belfast
Treasure Island was the last tour in the blue tent until Sci-Circus in 2002.

We have very few photos from Treasure Island show, so if you have some please let us know. We do have a video of the whole show filmed by Ali's Dad where we performed to a small audience on a very hot day, in Oxford (see below)


Liz Lavender (15 mins)
Liz Lavender
Liz Lavender

Talking merchandising..bottom protectors, tarts and grog

Peter Reynolds part 1 (18 mins)
Peter Reynolds
Peter Reynolds

Talks odd auditions, Alice and early shows

Iolo Lavender (17 mins)
Iolo Lavender

From age 5 to 30, there's always work to be done, under seat litter pickin to welding the new tent structure, a lifetime story in circus

Julie Bosworth (5mins)
Julie Bosworth

The only person the pink lorry was kind to, and tales of Treasure Island at Glastonbury and Fishquay Festival

Kwabana Lindsey
Kwabana Lindsay

The man walking the wire on top of the tent's tale

Charlie Wyatt Lavender Part 2 (6.46 mins)
Toby Philpott Part 1 (17 mins)
Toby Philpott Part 2 (17 mins)
Della Rees on making Treasure Island


Treasure Island script Download ➝