Amer Fernandez

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Amer Kabbani is hand to hand base since the first moment he discovers the circus. He attends regular courses in the Rogelio Rivel Circus School and intensive ones with different teachers of his speciality. He also studies German wheel technique and learns juggling on his own. He is also a member of the circus company Bauala and they have performed in several festivals around Catalonia and Spain. He studied clown for three years at Factoria Di-Mô and created two clown numbers that performed in artistic cabarets. He performs at Entre Sillas, a show that has been on stage at Barcelona´s Cafè Teatre Llantiol for a year. Also currently performs with a group of improvisational theatre called Impro con Limón. Now he forms part of a UK circus company called Nofit State Circus as a performer of Block project.

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