Africa LLorens

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Àfrica Llorens comes from the world of Karate competition. She enters the circus after being a member of Acrosport group at INEFC Barcelona, university where she studies for 4 years, taking part in European gymnastrades and local performances. In 2010 she attends an intensive circus stage at Balthazar school in Montpellier. She does hand stands courses at La Central del Circ and also trains in acrobatic balancing and hand to hand as flyer under the guidance of different teachers. Her career does not stop and she explores contemporary dance with Aina de Gispert, as well as other circus techniques. She performed in 19th Winter Circus of Ateneu Popular de 9 Barris in Barcelona in a show called F.I.R.A Fenòmens Inversemblants Rescatats de l’Anonimat (Unlikely Phenomena Rescued from Anonymity). Now she forms part of a UK circus company called Nofit State Circus as a performer of Block project.

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