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Alice was a show created for the Blue Tent loosely based on the two classic books by Lewis Carroll and adapted by Kathryn Jones. This show was directed by Jamie Garven and it was the first year that Peter Reynolds joined the company as Music Director (and Hookah Smoking Caterpiller). Tom designed the set, helped out by Reilly, Hedd, Sion and Della. The show toured in the blue tent across the UK from May until Sept. The tour dates were not included in the programme as we were still booking the tour when during the premiere but by listening to people that were involved we think it went to London (Twickenham Green), Oxford, Manchester, Hereford, Cardiff, Chelmford Spectacular and Cambridge kIds fest, If you can were on this tour let us know if you can remember any more dates


Liz Lavender (15 mins)
Liz Lavender
Liz Lavender

Talking merchandising..bottom protectors, tarts and grog

Peter Reynolds part 1 (18 mins)
Peter Reynolds
Peter Reynolds

Talks odd auditions, Alice and early shows

Hazel Bryan (11 mins)
Hazel Bryan

I heart tents..so says the Tent Master

ALF - John Connor (13 mins)
ALF - John Connor

Early juggling club days, hairy bits and playing with his gear lever in Autogeddon and a job designing the Alice poster

Amlyn Hedd Owen Rhys Part 1 (25.08 mins)
Amlyn Hedd Owen Rhys

I like trucking but the trucks a duff.

Amlyn Hedd Owen Rhys Part 2 (15.04 mins)
Amlyn Hedd Owen Rhys

I like trucking but the trucks a duff.

Toby Philpott Part 1 (17 mins)
Toby Philpott Part 2 (17 mins)
Jacky Crosher (17.46 mins)