1986 - 1990

The Dangerous Duo

When the company was first formed we worked together as a foursome (Pete was still in Uni finishing his course) and we created the Pantomime which was a four person show. When Pete graduated and to ensure we maximised the companies outputs we also split into two groups. Pete, Tom and Richie performed as Risky in Pink with a street juggling show and Ali and Dave formed the Dangerous Duo to cater for the children's market. In the Dangerous Duo Dave played the arrogant "World greatest juggler" and Ali was the clown trying to stop him from showing off and challenging him to prove himself. During the course of this show that include juggling, diabolo, clown and knife throwing Dave decides he's had enough and throws knives at Ali who escapes from her shackles, throws back the knives and the show culminates with a knife passing routine and Ali getting revenge.

The basic show was performed in Playchemes, schools, youth centres and on Tour with Art Play Umbrella between 1986 and 1990 when Dave left the company. There were also various political adaptions for example for the first British Juggling convention in 1988 when Dave played Uncle Sam picking on Ali's Nick a Ragua.

The Dangerous Duo continued to do one off performances for a couple years into the early nineties and when Richie left the company in 1991 Ali replaced him in Risky in Pink