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A Wish Washes Whiter

The second show that we made directed by Angela DeCastro. Mr Lomax ( Pete) and his wife Gloria (Ali) are designing a new green washing powder. Unknown to Gloria they make it green by dumping the pollutants down the wishing well.

Jack Jones (Dave) is an unusually unlucky lad who decides to spend his last penny on a wish. As he is making the wish he falls into the well and discovers that it is inhabited by an eccentric old man ( Tom) and his pixie workers led by head pixie Gromit ( Richie)

The workers have signed a contract with Lomax to dump the chemicals in the well and Jack overhears Lomax arranging it. Jack decides to save the well from the effects of chemical pollution. He meets up with Gloria,falls in Love and together they try and stop the pixies.

All is not well, then the eccentric old man turns out to be Merlin and wakes up furious to hear that his pixies have betrayed him, and blows up the chemicals.

This show toured across the UK in the Merryweather tent and was the last show we made for Arts Play Umbrella before buying our blue tent in 1991. Eira Purves the sponsorship manager from ACW fell in love with the pixies and offered us £5000 towards the purchase of the new tent.

The company was banned from performing in Hounslow, West London because the promoter thought it was too political to be family entertainment. We also think a young producer from the BBC saw this show and modeled the Teletubbies on the pixies.

In the video (below) the first show runs up to about 1h 11m - then there's some backstage footage, the ASW cheque is presented at about 1h 18 m - and the start of the next show at about 1h 19m. (2nd show incomplete).


Angela de Castro part 1 (23 mins)
Angela de Castro
Angela de Castro

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